Boss Up! Vancouver

Kelowna was a massive success, Boss Up! is coming to Vancouver!

Valerie Song. Foodie. Techie. Nerd. And proud of it. This CEO and Co-founder of AVA Technologies, is a socially responsible female leader that is POSITIVELY INSPIRING. Her mission?  The help anyone, anywhere, get growing. 

Winner of BC Business’ 30 Under 30, Valerie is an active speaker, judge, mentor and academic coach.  Her and her team has raised $2.6 million for the AVA Byte, the world’s smartest indoor gardens through pre-sales and working with partners such as Vanedge Capital, a Vancouver-based early-stage venture capital fund.

“It’s really become a passion of mine to encourage other women to get into leadership positions.”  Valerie Song

Meghan Smith is a personal and professional development coach, trainer, speaker and leader.

Meghan works with women to unlock their highest potential and greatest gifts.  She is passionate about women finding their voices and the fullest expression of themselves.  Her vision is a world where all women know deep in their bones that when they listen to and share their unique voices and gifts, they will change the world—starting in their homes and reverberating far beyond.  

Meghan’s superpower is her unique combination of head and heart, which translates as loving intuition.  As a trained lawyer, she understands the pull to stay in your head and the courage required to go with your heart.

“In a world that values logic, reasonableness and playing it safe, I am an advocate and a model for living an unreasonable and courageous life.” Meghan Smith

Ever since she laid her eyes on European blogs ten years ago, Yvonna was mesmerized by the effortless chic street style of the bloggers and understood what they were doing- inspiring through fashion! Glamouraspirit was born and over the years, Yvonna has worked with countless brands in fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and parenthood including Coach, Marc  Jacobs beauty, Loreal, River Rock Casino Resort, Aveeno and more! She’s also been featured in the Vancouver Sun, Dailyhive and Narcity Vancouver as a top fashion blogger! 

On June 20th 2018 Yvonna gave birth to daughter Adelina Rosalynn Lee, the first child with husband Andy (who is the photographer behind Glamouraspirit!) and started her successful transition into motherhood. She won’s top honor in 2019. Since her win, Yvonna has received even a greater amount of opportunities to inspire #momlife in the most fashionable way while keeping it real with her audience 🙂


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