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March Schedule – Click on the calendar at the scheduled time and be taken to the live event!

  • click corresponding day/time in calendar to attend
  • doors open 3-5 minutes prior
  • running late? have to leave early? no problem!  slip in & out without disturbance

*Viewing Options*

  • Utilize the fastest computer / laptop available
  • Position the screen at the front of your exercise mat or desk for straight ahead viewing. 
  • Have a water or tea handy
  • Clear space around you for movement. 
  • Upon arrival, your video screen will either be set to SPEAKER VIEW (the desired setting where instructor image takes up the bulk of your screen) or Gallery View.  The Speaker View / Gallery View button is located on the top right hand corner of your zoom screen. 
  • Any questions or concerns at all? Email or call/text 780.850.3058

Click HERE for a complete playlist of all classes, or see them organized by type below. All classes are recorded and dated, so you can follow along week by week if you miss a class. 

A series of virtual workshops channeled into two streams: Health & Wellness / Business & Career.  Think of it as a virtual pep talk surrounding your career goals & new ways to achieve success!



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Grace + Flow is a women's wellness brand. We host events, workshops and retreats that combine practices for your body, mind and soul.

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