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  • Virtual Boss Up!


    Grace & Flow presents:
    Boss Up – Leading with Your Feminine Power


    Because nothing can stop us from learning, connecting and transforming as a community.


    Boss Up is a virtual women’s leadership conference, enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

    The important details:
    • Who: All ladies! Experience it with someone in your bubble.
    • What: A 3.5 hr event with yoga, speakers and a women’s panel.
    • Where: Your home! This is a recorded event through Zoom.
    • Why: Log in because you deserve a sophisticated girls night in!

    We believe in community and connection, and would love for you to gather & enjoy this event with those in your core bubble! We love this because what’s important to us is you feel connected and supported. ❤

    Set up a cozy event space, put the cocktails on ice and let’s Boss Up, together!

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