5 Steps to Compassionate Mindfulness with Dr. Alana Hendrickson


Are you stressed, tired, and lacking time? Trying to make changes in your life only to feel empowered one moment yet incapable of change the next? Perpetually saying “I’ll be happy when!!!”… Not sure if you need to work out, sleep, and end up doing neither?

Naturopathic Doctor Alana Hendrickson sees patients every day who struggle with the impacts of stress and adrenal fatigue. She shares her framework and a few simple tools to ease stress, incorporate mindfulness and the feminine nature of self care that flows, rather than just being another thing on your “to-do list”.  Learn to switch from “doing” to “being” and feel like yourself again.

THIS WORKSHOP IS LIVE March 11th 6:00-7:00pm PST.  Zoom webinar link will be sent to you 24 hours before workshop begins. They will be recorded and sent out to attendees following the workshop.

*included in the Grace & Flow Membership (what?!?). Yep! More info here https://www.graceandflow.ca/virtual-membership/

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