April Challenge


Spring Cleaning Challenge!  *no cleaning required.

As we shed layers of winter and bloom into Spring, Grace & Flow helps you BLOOM

Introduce meditation, yoga, nutrition and wellness habits into your routine in this easy-to-follow challenge!  We’ve teamed up with female industry professionals to create an easy to accomplish challenge that creates happy, healthy habits. Includes events and classes by:

  • Kristen Antunes, Meditation Instructor
  • Laura Spencer, Nutritionist
  • Tamara Melanson, Certified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor
  • Carla Blumenthal, Business Coach
  • Nicole Olthuis, Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Instructor
  • Jessica Nobrega, Registered Yoga Instructor

Let’s cheer each other on!

The calendar with links to the live and recorded classes, events, and meditations will be sent out immediately following purchase.  If you miss a live class or workshop, no worries! The replay will be sent out to you 24hrs after the event.

Watch yourself grow! Take a photo or video of yourself on day one in the challenge pose – Dandayamana Janusirasana (standing head-to-knee). Set aside 5 minutes everyday to practice. Take another photo on the final day of challenge. Compare the photos & see yourself bloom!


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