Build A Conscious Business + Reframe Procrastination with Jaye Siegmueller and Meghan Smith


2 Talks, 2 Experts, 1 Virtual Pep Talk surrounding your career goals & new ways to achieve success!

Feeling stuck or unworthy? Procrastination a recurring problem? CEO of Farmbound and Bottle None, Dragon’s Den Presenter and Serial Entrepreneur Jaye Siegmueller shares advice for entrepreneurs to help your “future self” manifest your business goals with an honest approach to a vibrational wealth mindset; while lawyer-turned-leadership coach Meghan Smith teaches you to learn to listen to what your fears might be telling you.  Jaye & Meghan deliver tools to help you reframe procrastination, level up your business, and create the space for your creative energy.

THIS WORKSHOP IS LIVE February 18th 6:00-7:00pm PST.  Zoom webinar link will be sent to you 24 hours before workshop begins. They will be recorded and sent out to attendees following the workshop.

*included in the Grace & Flow Membership (what?!?). Yep! More info here

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