Get Paid To Create + Inspiration. Influence. Impact. Create A Career You Love with Laurence Makano & Tanja Yardley


Bootstrapping your business? Wondering how you can get paid to create? If you’re building a small business from the ground-up, we know you’re doing everything while you grow. But even if you have an accountant, nothing takes the place of collaborating with mentors or other creatives! Laurence Makano, owner of Fleurich Creations shares honest insight on being paid for your craft!

Boss Up Speaker Tanja Yardley; Physiotherapist, Brain Health Clinician and CEO of Wellspring Coaching presents on “Inspiration. Influence. Impact. Create a Career You LOVE”. Career need a boost? Is your ambition getting stuck? Whether you’re a mom leading social impact, an entrepreneur, an employee working to grow your influence or an experienced leader who wants to regroup and recharge, Tanja provides relevant and actionable insights. Tanja’s engaging manner and heartfelt lessons, help you to tackle some of your most challenging life situations and deliver great results.

THIS WORKSHOP IS LIVE March 18th 6:00-7:00pm PST.  Zoom webinar link will be sent to you 24 hours before workshop begins. They will be recorded and sent out to attendees following the workshop.

*included in the Grace & Flow Membership (what?!?). Yep! More info here

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