Spark Sales! Activate Your Community with Intention for Impact + Income


With so many marketing options (SEO, Google, emails, advertising, Facebook…) to choose from, it’s easy to spend months (or years) spinning your wheels with little results to show for your hard work. How can you increase your impact and income, in a more authentic, genuine manner?

Carla Blumenthal, a High Performance Coach out of NYC, teaches us her step-by-step process to sign clients and level up your business by leveraging existing relationships. Carla is a self-proclaimed introvert, who specializes in helping empathetic and sensitive business people succeed in business. Come learn Carla’s highly emotionally intelligent way to spark sales, that just feels right.

THIS WORKSHOP IS LIVE April 14th 5:30-6:30pm PST.  Zoom webinar link will be sent to you before workshop begins. The workshop is recorded and sent out to attendees following the workshop.

*included in the Grace & Flow Membership (what?!?). Yep! More info here

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