We have taken our signature Boss Up! women’s event online! This year we focus on bringing our emotional intelligence into the workplace. Whether you’re a business coach, scaling entrepreneur or senior executive, learn what leading with compassion can do for you and your career. We’ve combined movement, educational talks and another stellar line up of inspirational women, to a screen near you.

Here’s a fact that may come as a surprise to you: as women we often believe that if we work hard, our performance gets recognized, it will lead to a promotion. However, achievements don’t speak for themselves!

Did you know?

Only 24 (or about 3.5%) of TSX-listed Canadian companies had a woman CEO as of July 2019.

Female talent gets lost at the bottom of the workforce ‘pyramid’ for three reasons: Lack of proper diversity management, lack of confidence and not having a strong network. There are even less female leaders, CEO’s and executives now than there were three months ago. Let’s lead with our feminine power, and redefine leadership on our own terms.

Boss Up is a Women’s Leadership Conference designed to inspire and motivate women to take control of their health, career and their personal fulfilment.


Shauna Nyrose

Trained Yoga Instructor and Founder of Okanagan Yoga Retreats. Shauna specializes in Yoga Nidra and Trauma-Informed Yoga. She's also a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador!
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Sheila Chutskoff

Founder of Oranj Fitness and Mats for Metta, Sheila's goal is to raise fitness industry standards while giving back to the community. She operates her businesses on a "people, planet, profit" model and is now a public speaker and successful business coach.
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Tyler Dyck

CEO of Okanagan Craft Distilleries. Tyler is full of energy and has a passion for mixing BC farmers and orchardists ingredients into tasty and award winning whiskey, gin, vodka and liqueurs.
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Laurence Makano

Owner and Floral Designer behind FleuRich Creations. Laurence creates unique whimsical designs that have personality. She sees flowers as a beautiful work of art!
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Pam Radar

Founder of the Shift Power Yoga Franchise. Pam's passion is to lead people everywhere to remember their power as the artists, authors and creators of their lives and experiences. She leads by example and helps individuals and cooperations through life-coaching.
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